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Our yacht management division focuses on preserving your asset. Appointing CP Yachting as your privileged yacht manager will help you enjoy a stress-free yachting experience. Our dedicated team will work to assist yacht owners and their crew on a daily basis to supervise the running operations of the yacht and her crew in a very smooth way.

Our management package includes technical and regulatory management, support as well as accounting, payments and cost control, crewing, insurance and general administration.

In brief, a peaceful state of mind for all existing or future yacht owners.


Yacht administration

​We will guide you through all the administrative aspects of owning your yacht :

  • compliance with regulations

  • flag state selection and yacht registration

  • yacht survey ans commercial compliance

  • liability and insurance coverage management, advice and assistance

  • liaison with governmental authorities (customs or flag states)

Crew Management

Crew management is a key service to manage all crewing process, ensuring safe and efficient operations of the day-to-day business. Our services range from :

  • Selection and recruitment

  • Control of certificates and qualifications

  • Management of employment contracts 

  • Training procedures, upgrade and renewal

  • Crew human ressources (payroll, insurance, clothing, travel arrangements, etc.) 

We are your privileged interface to link the needs and demands between you and the crew in close collaboration with the captain.


Technical Support

We know perfectly well the technical needs on a yacht and the different professionals to help you. That is why we assist the captain in discussing with the shipyard and find the best solutions for : 

  • regular maintenance 

  • repairs ans spare parts orders

We provide :

  • an emergency intervention service 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for major technical failures, emergency of the crew or their guests. 

  • negotiation of costs in full transparency (no extra margin)

  • inspections of works and follow-up of progress reports

Financial Management

Our management and analysis tools are powerful ressources to help protect your investment. We  take care of every financial details such as :

  • Monitoring of accounts

  • Setting up dedicated bank account

  • Prepare and implement operational budget

  • Remote access for yacht owners to financial datas and detailed expenditure thanks to our sophisticated management software Deepblue

  • Payment of suppliers and crew

  • Analytic accounting 

  • Etc...

Analyse des données

Logistics and Safety Regulations

A pleasure or commercial yacht needs to comply with strict rules and regulations and subject to safety requirements. We are committed to fulfill these obligations on behalf of yacht owners when it comes to :

  • spare parts 

  • fuel supply 

  • safety equipments

  • compliance with flag administration and safety codes

  • etc...

We ensure to take all necessary actions in collaboration with experts and surveyors.

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